The Diversity of Eating Out in Ayia Napa

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Ayia Napa used to be a sleepy little fishing village until the 1974 invasion and still was for the immediate years afterwards but slowly became the new Tourist hot spot which led to the sudden uprising of hotels leading to the need for restaurants, bars etc. to keep the tourists coming to the area.

Nowadays, Ayia Napa has enlarged so much since that time and the need for change is always there. So, what better way to change than move into different areas which were not around before. This is more so evident this year with a number of new restaurants opening up. Apart from the usual Italian/Japanese/Chinese & local restaurants already in the town, this year has seen a new Italian restaurant, a newly opened Swiss/International restaurant but also, the real eye-catches for this season are the other 2 new restaurants in the area.

Why are they eye-catches you are wondering to yourself? The reason is simply put in to three words - Lebanese and Jamaican. That's right, other than the usual styles set around the area these 2 restaurants have gone and moved into directions different to the rest, adding to the rich choice of tastes available to your hearts (or stomachs) desire.

So, what better time for someone to come to Ayia Napa and walk around the town and going into a restaurant which is different to the rest? The food war has just become a lot more interesting.