Dione Restaurant Review

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Dione Restaurant-International Cuisine


91 Nissi Avenue
Ayia Napa
00357 23 724 140

Score Criteria

Staff Friendliness 5 Staff Attentiveness 4
Service Speed 4 Ambience 4
Restaurant Cleanliness 5 Toilet Cleanliness 4
Food Quality 3 Drink Quality 4
Value for Money 3 Overall Rating 4.0


By Steve Gaston 'ERRASYS Managing Director'
and Yiannaki Yianni 'Visitayianapa Administrator'

We were welcomed by a very friendly staff member who then took us to our table.
The layout of the restaurant gave lots of room around the tables and was visually impressively set up, cutlery was very clean and cloth napkins provided.

There is also a kid’s area and a small entertainment area which has been upgraded to cater for large parties and wedding, to give the young people somewhere safe to go and play while the event is in the restaurant.

Shortly after we had been seated, we were asked for our first drink and given the menu. The drinks arrived very promptly in a timely manner with little fuss.

The menu had a selection of International Dishes including Lobster, Ostrich and Salmon.

We both had 3 courses - Steve had Loutnza and Halloumi, followed by the Plank Steak, then he couldn’t choose what dessert to have so the restaurant gave him 2 small versions of the Crème Brule and the Chocolate Ecstasy ice cream. Yiannaki had an Avocado and Walnut Salad, followed by the Chicken in Honey and Orange sauce and then After Eight Ice Cream (recommended by him if you like your mint Ice creams).

All dishes were very well presented and of good quality and taste and attention from the waiter in a silver service manner.

The background music in the restaurant complimented the decor and was at the correct sound level for an evening meal.

Fans are positioned throughout the restaurant providing a cool temperature at the correct level.

Total Score Rating

Dione's Overall Average Rating = 4.0 / 5



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