Batteries and Recycling

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What do you do with your batteries? Most likely you throw them away.

Why wouldn't we? We've no use for them when they are dead and no good to us so we put them in the dustbin where they go and end up in the rubbish heap along with other non-recyclable and recyclable rubbish. Well now there is a choice. The company A.F.I.S. Cyprus Ltd is now collecting your batteries at various points. Why should we care about what to do with our batteries? In the leaflet they are handing out at their collection points they offer 4 reasons:

1) Protect the Environment: A lot of the metals we use today come from the Earth and we cannot replace them. With batteries, living organisms - plants, trees, bugs etc. cannot cope with the pollution. With recycling we can reduce by a drastic amount that pollution.

2) We save energy: By reusing all ready produced products we reduce the energy (& time) of finding and extracting new metals. By recycling our used batteries we place back into the cycle the metal and we can reduce these energy levels by upto 80% for EACH battery by doing so.

3) Reduce the waste: Have you noticed (those who are recycling) how much your waste has been reduced? Rather than throwing Batteries away too, take them to get recycled.

4) Secure our health: Even though batteries are only 0.2% of our household waste it is 20% or 1/5 toxicity (poison) of the household waste. For something small it is a lot when you look at it.

When we talk of batteries we cover all types of batteries, Radio Cassettes, Speakers, Game Consoles (e.g. PSP's), Mobiles, Wireless Telephones, Watches, Cameras, Video Cameras, Cordless Power Tools, Remote Controls, Alarm systems and so on. From the factory it is made in it comes to us the user. Each time you throw a battery away, the cycle of life it is in ends, whereas if you place that battery in one of the collection points, it can get reused again and at the same time protect the environment.

So after all that you'll be now wanting to know where you can find places to place your batteries. Well you can start looking at Supermarkets, the local Post Office and other Government service points have points and information too and of course for those with Kids or younger Brothers & Sisters in Schools. Also, you may see them about in other private places such as small businesses, Hotels, Banks etc etc etc. 

So, from now on before you throw your batteries in the waste, think Green, Recycle them.