5th Medieval Agia Napa Festival (Part 1)

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The Musical Programme for the 5th Agia Napa Medieval Festival which starts on Saturday October 16 and goes on through the week until Friday October 22 with an event every night at 8pm (20.00hrs). The programme has been split into two parts.

The Programme for the week up until Tuesday is as follows:

Saturday October 16

Despoina Olympiou along with Leonidas Pitsilides "Cypriada Voice" Music Ensemble presents a concert called "Love's Labour"

Arranged and Directed by Admitos Pitsillides

A presentation of short musical stories concerning the tribulations (problems) of love through the songs of Cypriot Tradition. With Songs and Music from Medieval times up until the contemporary Cypriot composers and lyrics writers, with the Cypriot musical colours having been arranged in classical, traditional and contemporary ways.

The "Cypriade Voice" Music Ensemble consists of:

Theodoros Krasides - Flute

Thanasis Athanasiou - Violin

Evgenia Karapataki - Cello

Michalis Minas - Lute

Admitos Pitsillides - Guitar

Rodos Panagiotou - Percussion

Antonia Tsolaki - Double Bass

Sveltana Todorova - Accordion

Sunday October 17

Daughters of Elvin Medieval Music & Dance Theatre

Daughters of Elvin are one of Britain's most exciting and innovative Medieval groups formed back in 1996. Their aim is to present music from those Early Ages in a new and exciting way and reaching a diverse Audience as much as possible. Evoking the Spirit of Medieval Europe through Music, Dance and fantastical masked creatures they give powerful displays of colour, movement and sound. Come and see them perform pilgrim songs of 14th Century Spain,  take on 13th Century France love ballads and court dances of the Italian 14th Century whilst not forgetting their own Country England with songs about the weather from the 13th Century. All this played on an exoticc array of authentic Instruments including Hurdy Gurdy, Bagpipes, Gothic Harp, Pipe & Salterio, Recorders & Percussions. 

Monday October 18

The Going-ons at the Courtyard. Cultural Association "Rythmos"

Local group "Rythmos" are regulars to Ayia Napa Festivals. Join them for a trip through time and imagine yourself in the center of a Medieval Courtyard, awaiting the glorious arrival of the King and Queen. Experience the colourful past through the group, the lives that they led and their fabulous feasts. Get to know/revisit the culture and tradition of that era through the art of Dancing.

Tuesday October 19

From the Byzantium Years to the World War

Musical Tradition is a path of 1,200 years. Of the oldest songs the "Acritic-Epic" to the newer "songs of the World Wars."

This Musical Journey will see 5 Female Voices perform

Vasiliki Hadjiadamou

Loukia Ignatiou

Christina Tselopou

Demetra & Xenia Hadjimichail

The selection of Songs, Orchestration and Artistic Direction

by Michalis Hadjimichail

Part 2 follows in the next article.