5th Medieval Agia Napa Festival (Part 2)

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The Musical Programme for the 5th Agia Napa Medieval Festival which starts on Saturday October 16 and goes on through the week until Friday October 22 with an event every night at 8pm (20.00hrs). The programme has been split into two parts.

The Programme for the week from Wednesday is as follows:

Wednesday 20 October

Cyprus & Crete - Music of the Islands

The Traditional Music Group "Oi Las" (Who often perform in Agia Napa) along with its 8 Musicians play Traditional mainly instruments like Tsampouros, Tsampoutsias, Pithkiavli, showing their love and respect towards the Longstanding Music of Cyprus. The repertoire of the group is the authentic traditional music of the island which goes back to the age of Homer (songs like "Tsiatista-Voices") throught the age of the Medieval Period (with songs like "Digenis Akritas" and "Arodafnousa") and reaches the first decades of the 20th Century (A song called "Aspentis"). The repertoire includes Religious Songs, Epic, Lamenations amongst other styles. Also on the night, two musicians from Greece will also be joining them: Giorgos Giannadakis playing the Cretan Lyra with songs from Crete and Giorgos Manolakis on the Lute. 

The Members of The Traditional Music Group "Oi Las" are:

Loucas Zymaras - Lute, Vocals

Nikos Zymaras - Violin

Loucas Georgiou - Violin

Vasos Nicolaou - Lute, Pithkiavli, Vocals

Savvas Nicolaou - Tampouras

Michalis Tsiartis - Tampouras, Vocals

Evripides Dikaios - Percussions

Athena Kallenou - Vocals

Thursday 21 October

Clamor et Gaudium Ensemble 

The Italian "Clamor er Gaudium" Ensemble was formed back in 1996 with the purpose to promote Ancient music and in particular the Medieval and Renaissance music. Recently it also plays folk tunes, which are proposed to make people dance, mainly of Galician and Breton melodies. The musical instruments used are philological: Bagpipes (Galician Bagpipes, Italian Bagpipes from Bergamo and Emilia), Shawm and Percussions (Medieval long drum, Davul). The Ensemble took part in the most important re-enactments of it's Country. Outside Italy, the Ensemble have attended a theatrical performance in Porec (Croatia), was in Luxembourg to celebrate the foundation of the Gran Ducato and has also been in Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Denmark and Rhodes (Greece) for the big Medieval Theatres.

Friday 22 October

From the depths of the Century to the Depths of  Asia Minor

Yianni Saouli - Gorkem Devrim Ensemble

Michalis Hadjimichail "East Mediterranean Sea" Ensemble

In the course of the centuries, Asia Minor was among other a centre of culture. Benefited from the Byzantine musical scales it gave birth to many great songs. Rightly described as "the Mother of our music" because it enriched the musical tradition of the Greek area and the surrounding nations. On the last night of the Medieval festival, the Ensembles will perform songs from Asia Minor, old Rebetika unkown composers, Pontiac and Cypriot traditional songs. 

All events take place at the Medieval Monastery from 8pm (20.00hrs) and entrance as always is free.