Medieval Festival

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The Musical Programme for the 6th Agia Napa Medieval Festival which starts on Saturday October 15 and goes on through the week until Friday October 22 with an event every night at 8pm (20.00hrs). The programme has been split into two pages.

The Programme for the week goes as follows:

Saturday 15 October

Words And Time

A concert with Charalampos Garganoyrakis, one of the most important Cretan Artists. Songsfrom the Cretan Medieval Time of "Erotokritos" and through the tradition of "Pote tha kanei xasteria" and "Agrimia, agrimakia", up to our days with songs that were established by the interpreter's voice, such as "Ta Logia kai ta Chronia" (Words & Time), "Crete mou omorfi nisi" (My beautiful island, Crete), "Proskyno ti doxa sou lae" and "Malamatenia logia". He is also accompanied by an 8 member band. 

Tearto Pavana

An amazing stilt-walking performance performed by the Artists of Teatro Pavana. Great presentations including breathtaking costumes which capture you the audience, in their magical World.


An impressive performance of the unique multi-member percussion ensemble.

Sunday 16 October

Traditional Music Group "Oi Las"- Areti Ketieme

Looking For Ithaka

The Traditional Music Group "Oi Las" (who often perform at Agia Napa Festivals) along with its 8 Musicians play Traditional mainly instruments like Tsampouros, Tsampoutsias, Pithkiavli, showing their love and respect towards the tradition. In the night's performance they join up with an upcoming artist from Greece, Areti Ketieme and her santir. Their purpose is, to enchant (get your attention) to the music and bring you into a musical world, where each of us go looking for our Ithaka. From the age of Homer and its famous singers, to the Medieval period with Digenis Akritas until the first decades of the 20th Century.

It should be a trip to remember.

The Members of The Traditional Music Group "Oi Las" are:

Loucas Zymaras - Lute, Vocals

Nikos Zymaras - Violin

Loucas Georgiou - Violin

Vasos Nicolaou - Lute, Pithkiavli, Vocals

Savvas Nicolaou - Tampouras

Michalis Tsiartis - Tampouras, Vocals

Evripides Dikaios - Percussions

Athena Kallenou - Vocals

Also performing again will be Teatro Pavana

Monday 17 October


Music and songs which are made up from the works of composers of France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands (Holland), from the time of Renaissance and Baroque between the 15th and 17th Centuries.  

The following Artists are to perform:

Avra Shati - Soprano

Kaite Economidou - Soprano

Marios Andreou - Tenor

Marios Ioannou - Piano

Tuesday 18 October

Kyprokritiko Antamoma (Cyprus Meets Crete)

With the band "Ichochromata" of Andrea Nikolaou and Michael Hadjimichael along with the band of Cretan lyre instrumental musician Anthony Chourdaki.

It is the blending of the violin with the Cretan Lyre, the music of Pendadaktilos (A mountainous range outside of Nicosia located in the occupied areas) and Psiloritis wind, Cypriot and Cretan musicians with songs of tradition of both islands are witnessed. From the Cypriot and Cretan tradition are met Ai Giorkis with Erotokritos, Aretousa with Arodafnousa, Kokkinochoria (Red Villages) with Sfakia. Throughout the show, the shared heritage will be pointed out.

Performing artists for the night are: 

Michael Hadjimichael - Lute/Vocals

Andrea Nikolaou - Violin

Dimitra Hadjimichael - Vocals

George Nestor - Kanun

Meletis Christodoulou - Percussions

Anthony Chourdaki - Cretan Lyre/Vocals

George Zacharioudakis - Cretan Lute

Lefteris Hadjimichael - Guitar

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