Medieval Festival

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Wednesday 19 October

La Rosignol

The Italian Renaissance encompasses a period of extraordinary growth, where the masterpieces follow one another in a fascinating crescendo. Magnificence gets married with grace: the desire to astonish and the research of a more and more refined way of living induced the courts to adopt precise behaviour norms. Among the great masters of dancing, Domenico de Piacenza, Guglielmo Ebreo, Fabrito Carosa and Cesare Negri stand out: They animate feasts and banquets meant to celebrate the splendour of their patrons. The show, performed in costumes with early instruments, recreates the cultivated and aristocratic atmosphere of a Renaissance courtly feast.

Thursday 20 October

Mutiverse Narrative Poem From the Music of The Greek Traditional Area. With the Band of Chris Christoforou.

4 lutes, a mandolin and a violin.

The irrational, the religious and indiscriminate songs, the Lamentations and Lullabies make up a special chapter of the musical tradition of the wider Greek area. For these songs (which usually are multi-versed) some may wonder how these songs have been kept alive through the years as they are passed down from mouth to mouth (oral tradition).

These songs are the first spiritual creations of anonymous people. They are the oldest "diamonds" of speech & sound. Musicologists and researchers believe that the year they began was around 800 A.D. Through these songs legends and traditions of Hellenism are come through.

The participants on the night are:

Chris Christoforou - Lute

Makis Papadopoulos - Lute 

Christodoulos Mnasonos - Lute Politic (Lafta)

Michael Hadjimichael - Lute/Vocals

Yiannis Loizou - Violin

Marios Poyiadjis - Mandolin

Meletis Christodoulou - Percussions

Vassiliki Hatziadamou - Vocals

Friday 21 October

Digenis Akritas (TH.E.PA.K)

University of Cyprus Theatrical Workshop

The Digenis Akritas Theatrical performance, inspired by the seminal Medieval Work of Greek Literature "Vasileos Digenis Akritas", focuses on the hero's love life and enters into a dialogue with many other traditional works, popular or learned such as the different versions of Digenis Akritas  epic, the demotic songs of the Akritic cycle, the folklore song about "Heliogenniti" ( Meaning the Sun Born Girl), "Erotokritos" and others. 

On the last night of the Festival:

Andreas Roussis - Music 

Stamatis Dagdelenis - Libertto 

 Michalis Pieris - Stage Director

Christos Lysiotis, Kypros Georgio - Set and Costumes

Karolina Spyrou - Lighting

Nikolas Papageorgiou - Song Instruction

Stamatia Laoumtzi - Production Manager, Assistant Director

All events take place at the Medieval Monastery from 8pm (20.00hrs) and entrance as always to the Municipalities events is free.

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