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We offer 5 Categories of advertising available.

Get your company or organization noticed on the Internet with minimal effort and cost.

Join and gain all the benefits of a traffic heavy portal site directing thousands of customers everyday to your business.

  • Advert Client Page
  • Directory Listing
  • Featured Listing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Video Streaming & Production

You can find advertising space, costings and then Pay Online using the popular and secure PayPal, where you can use your debit and credit cards to order your product or come to the office and Pay by Cash

1 - Advert Client Page

From €100.00 £58.52  / Per Year

When you see the Indicates an Advert Client Page symbol on the database listing this shows that a more detailed page is available to be displayed.

The client page includes several photographs, up to 250 words of text and also all the other services that have been purchased on the Visit Ayia Napa Website.

We have found that most Internet users want to read a little more about the client before going directly to the clients Website.

So the importance of having a client page is essential.

2 - Directory Listings

From €10.00 £5.85  / Per Year

Every client is entitled to a free listing in our directory

Have a look

Please check through our listing and if you are not in any of the relevant sections, fill in the contact form on this page and we will list you FREE of charge!

You will appear in the Database Listing along with any other services you purchased. The services include:

Indicates an Advert Client Page Advert Client Page Indicates a Special Offer Page Special Offers Page
Indicates a direct link to Website Hyperlink to Website Indicates a Menu/Brochure Page Menu or Brochure Page
Indicates a link to Email Hyperlink to Email Indicates a Menu/Brochure Page Video Streaming and Production

The more services you purchase the more icons will appear on your listing.

How a listing looks

The more services you purchase, the higher you will be ranked in the database.

For example: if you purchase 4 products you will appear in alphabetical order above a client who purchases 3, who will then appear in alphabetical order above someone who buys less.

The more you buy the higher your ranking in the database and the more visible you are!

Go to page two for more information.

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