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3 - Feature Advertising

From €100.00 £58.52  / Per Year

Draw people directly to your Companies Website with a featured article that gives you a fantastic level of exposure.

Your featured article can be on the front page or in any other key pages within the site. Below is how it looks, it will link to a full page about your company, with photos, text and/or downloads. Buy Online today.

Advertise with Visitayianapa in Ayia Napa

4 - Banner Advertising

From €50.00 £29.26  / Per Year

As with featured articles get your self noticed quickly with a banner advert designed specifically for you, featuring your graphics and/or logo. This will be placed on the front page and the inside pages that are relevant to your company.

We only allow 10 banner adverts per page so you won't get lost in a sea of other people's banners. Banner advertising is available on a short or long term basis. Discounts are available for year long advertising.

Banner Advertising within Ayia Napa

5 - Video Streaming & Production

From €100.00 £58.52  / Per Year welcomes - Ayia Napa TV to its partner program.

Ayia Napa TV is live on the Internet and through early initial discussion have welcomed them to our partner program.

What benefits will this have for our clients?

A direct link to streaming video of their venue of service will be part of the additional services in the database structure.

Professional Streaming video productions, that will be both on Ayia Napa TV, and directly on the Advert Client Pages within

Packages Available are:

  • Option 1 - Video Stream on -  €100 - links from free listings on your database entry and also on other paid sections within the site.
  • Option 2 - Ayia Napa TV - Smaller Businesses - €850
  • Option 3 - Ayia Napa TV - Restaurants, Cafe's - €1350
  • Option 4 - Ayia Napa TV - Hotels & Apartments - €1750
  • Option 5 - Ayia Napa TV - Clubs & Others - €1750

Ayia Napa TV

Visit Ayia Napa are on the first page of the Yahoo Search Engine in the UK and will Bring more traffic to your Agency, Service or Product in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

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