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Locally referred to as bars or cafés, these have opening hours from early in the morning all the way through to the very early hours of the next morning depending on their location.

Many of these bars/pubs/cafés away from the center offer Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for people not wishing to either go to restaurants or stay within the confinement of their accommodation.

Within the center, each bar has its own individuality according to how it feels or depending on what clubs are nearby and/or which clubs they are in conjunction with. There are bars dedicated to Karaoke only, others have a couple of hours only. Some bars concentrate on only one type of music, whilst others play various party anthems. Away from the center, depending on the direction you head in, you'll find numerous bars/pubs dedicated to one Nationality. With 1 Scottish pub, 3 Irish pubs, 1 Scandinavian Bar, 1 Norwegian Bar, 1 Romanian Bar without looking into further details you get the taste of the diversity of the place.

You may also catch one of the local DJ's around the central bars before they head off to one of the clubs they'll be performing in.

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