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These are followed by octopus in red wine, snails in tomato sauce, brawn, and pickled capers and cauliflower.

Bunches of green - some tossed in oil and bound with an egg - and roots such as carrots and kohlrabi, precede fish bites of some kind, either sardines, tiny red mullet, or kalamari.

Next comes the grilled Halloumi cheese and slices of smoked Cyprus ham, followed by meatballs, grilled pork Rissolis and smoked Cyprus Sausages.

Now come the hot specialities including meat dishes such as Afelia, Moussaka and Stifado, which lead to the popular 'Souvlaki' pork kebab, the 'Kleftico' which is baked in a sealed oven (along with Potatoes), as well as pieces of chicken, arriving straight from the grill.

Having reached this far, you can safely say that you have experienced your first meze!

The only thing that might still tempt you is some fresh fruit, fruit preserves or a traditional sweet pastry.

Needless to say, a proper 'meze' ia a full-scale feast, best reserved for a special occasion - or a healthy appetite!

Fortunately, for those afraid to try a Traditional Tavern there are always alternatives. Ayia Napa also hosts Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Greek, Indian & even Caribbean restaurants in the area as well as your modern fast food places KFC, SFC, Burger King and McDonald's not forgetting 3 Pizza Hut places too.

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